Accounting for Transparency

A temporary home for the proposed TRR 266

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Tax Attractiveness

Create Your Own Tax Index

How do national tax systems differ? This vizualisation allows user-side changes to the way the index is constructed. 

Tax Complexity

Tax Complexity Visualized

C03 will cooperate with projects to visualize TRR 266's findings in an appealing way to a wider audience.


Explore Panel Data

C02 will develop tools that allow interactive data exploaration without access to underlying data.  


Assess Robustness of Findings

Interactive data visualization allows users to assess the robustness of research findings interactively.  


Reproduce Research

Following the idea of Open Science, C02 facilitates the sharing of code and data. 


Analyze Researcher Degrees of Freedom

C02 develops a code base for systematic analysis of research design choices

TRR 266 Accounting for Transparency, MIT License