Explore the Preston Curve



Below you see the Preston Curve, based on data provided by the World Bank. It was first documented in the 70ies and indicates a robust association of life expectancy with country-level income per capita.


This interactive display allows you to assess the robustness of this association.

Transform independent variable


The Preston Curve is far from linear. Maybe you can come up with a transformation of gdp_capita that makes the association a little bit more well behaved? Use the dialog below to define new variables and assess their association with lifexpectancy in the scatter plot above.

Assess Robustness

You see that the linear regression coefficient for gdp_capita for lifeexpectancy is signficant at conventional levels. Does this also hold when you use your tranformed independent variable? What about additional controls? Do you see what happens to the number of observations as you include controls? What happens when you include fixed effects? Are your findings stable across regions or income groups? Have fun exploring!
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